Agendas & Minutes

April 7, 2007

270 N. Highway 160
Saturday, April 7, 2007, 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM



1.    Call to Order  

2.    Public Comment:  Action may not be taken on matters considered during this period until specifically included on an agenda as an action item - NRS 241.020 (2)(C)(3).

3.    9:00 AM - Discussion and decision regarding strategic planning, and goals & objectives for Town Manager, and matters properly related thereto. Town Board.  

4.    1:00 PM - Discussion and decision regarding Beller and Associates Classification and Compensation study and matters properly related thereto. Town Manager.

5.    Adjournment

 A quorum of Nye County Board of Commissioners may be present at this meeting.


Any member of the public who is disabled and requires accommodations or assistance at this meeting is requested to notify the Pahrump Town Office in writing, or call 775-727-5107 48 hours prior to the meeting. Assisted listening devices are available at Town Board meetings upon request.  



    PRESENT                                                           ABSENT
    Laurayne Murray
    John McDonald
    Don Rust
    Nicole Shupp
    Dan Sprouse

Call to Order  
    Chairperson Murray called the meeting to order at 9:08 a.m.

Public Comment:  Action may not be taken on matters considered during this period until specifically included on an agenda as an action item - NRS 241.020 (2)(C)(3).


Discussion and decision regarding strategic planning, and goals & objectives for Town Manager, and matters properly related thereto.

Chairperson Murray stated strategic planning was defined as a long term plan based on overall objectives, a systematic method to anticipate and adapt to changes, a disciplined effort to produce fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide the direction of the entity, what it does and why it does it.  She also presented the mission statement adopted by a previous Town Board (see attached).
Special Town Board Meeting
April 7, 2007

Following discussion from the Board, document 1 (attached) was developed and discussed.  Member Rust discussed the benefits of incorporation.  Member McDonald agreed to the benefits and stated a detailed plan was needed for community presentation.  Mr. Balloqui discussed the importance of identifying a regional core.  Member Rust read the Mission Statement and there was discussion from the Board.

Member Sprouse motioned to amend the Town Board Mission Statement to add “effective” between the words responsive and leadership (revised attached).

Member Shupp seconded.

Motion carried 5/0.

The Board continued to discuss document 1 including the proposal of a noise ordinance.  Member McDonald stated he would be presenting this ordinance in the future.  Member McDonald stated he would like to see incorporation of the Town in the next 3 – 5 years.  There was discussion from the Board about offering a business friendly environment and streamlining the process for inviting new business to Pahrump.  There was discussion about goals and branding.  The Town Manager defined branding as the defining element of a community’s identity.  Additional discussion was given to public relations for the Town of Pahrump.  Mr. Balloqui recommended a Public Relations Officer and Chairperson Murray suggested a formal public relations process.  

Chairperson Murray presented the Town Manager Performance Evaluation form to the Board.  Member Rust stated incorporation is an imperative element.  Member McDonald stated a complete plan for incorporation would be required.  

Member McDonald motioned that the Town Board adopt the official position that their goal is to incorporate the Town of Pahrump within the next 3 – 5 years.

Sprouse seconded.

Motion carried 5/0.

The Finance Director stated one of the first questions from the public would be, why (incorporate) and was our business plan sufficient to achieve the goals for the community?  Member McDonald and Member Rust agreed this was for betterment of the community.  Chairperson Murray stated the plan would have to include a risk/benefit analysis.  Member McDonald promised that the plan would include verifiable financial data that would indicate the plan was doable and would provide improvement to the quality of life in Pahrump.  Mr. Balloqui stated
Special Town Board Meeting
April 7, 2007

that incorporation would be a benefit to the community.  The Town Manager cautioned the Board against viewing incorporation as a panacea to all the
Town’s problems.  

Mr. Balloqui stated North Las Vegas hired a consultant company (who was also a site selector for a variety of franchises) to determine their needs due to their rapid growth and this could be an option for Pahrump.  Chairperson Murray recommended an official documented process for potential businesses to open in Pahrump.  She stated the objective process was part of the Town Board policy and part of the Town Manager policy and employment agreement to jointly establish objectives for the work the Town Board would like to see the Town Manager perform.  

The Town Board discussed quality public health and safety.   Member Rust suggested increasing the staffing at Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue.  Chairperson Murray suggested increasing the staff to meet the capital improvement plan for this year.  

The Town Manager stated his anniversary date was January 19th and as of that date he was due a merit increase.  He stated no merit increase was received for the previous year and recommended reconciling the increase and dates.  Chairperson Murray stated the Town Manager’s hire date was January 19th, his contract with the Town commenced July 27th at which time he received a pay treatment with the Town establishing his contract for that time period.  She stated the last appraisal and increase was performed in July 2006 and paid retroactive to January 2006.  Chairperson Murray stated the Town Manager Performance Evaluation would be due in July and in her opinion the date that should be observed was July when the contract was signed.  The Town Manager stated this was contrary to the personnel policy and the Town Manager contract.  Member McDonald stated opinion should not control this issue and it was agreed the Board members would review the employment contract.  Chairperson Murray stated the Board should complete the objectives using the performance form.

Member McDonald motioned to accept the Town Manager employment agreement as additional back up material.

Member Sprouse seconded.

Motion carried 5/0.

The Town Manager stated he would provide copies of additional terms and agreements approved by previous Town Boards.  Chairperson Murray suggested the Board members prepare written lists of goals to be shared with the Board and
Special Town Board Meeting
April 7, 2007

Town Manager and confirm that list at a future meeting.  The Board agreed to submit the objectives via e-mail to the Town Manager by April 13, 2007.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:10 p.m. for a break.

Member Shupp dismissed herself from the remainder of the meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m.

Discussion and decision regarding Beller and Associates Classification and Compensation study and matters properly related thereto.

The Town Manager stated Beller and Associates had provided revised comparative data excluding Las Vegas and Boulder City.  He stated the objective was to arrive at a reasonable pay for Town employees and recommended an average of the high and low salaries.  He added the increases were budgeted within the current tentative budget and the new job titles were included and the job descriptions would require Town Board approval.  

Chairperson Murray suggested classification of a minimum and maximum salary per position.  The Town Manager stated the information the Board was reviewing included the new job titles and all positions were currently filled, some being a reclassification.   

Member McDonald objected to the methodology of the Beller and Associates survey.   Chairperson Murray objected to the classification and salary of the code compliance position.  Member McDonald recommended a cost of living raise versus the recommended increases.  Matt Luis, Buildings and Grounds Manager, stated many of the Buildings and Grounds employees have been through extensive training and certification with no salary increase to reflect this additional responsibility.  Bane Sheppard objected to the Town Board’s opinion that the wage increases were not prudent.  Mr. Luis stated one employee was a certified in air conditioner repair and saved the Town considerable time and money yet receives pay that does not reflect his skills and value.  He added he was demanding skilled labor at an inadequate wage thus experiencing difficulty with employee retention.  

Chairperson Murray stated she would prefer to see the list of the job titles and the job description with a proposed pay range.  Member Sprouse stated the administrative pay increases were included in the budget yet Pahrump Valley Fire Rescue staffing needed to be increased and the Fire
Special Town Board Meeting
April 7, 2007

and Rescue was saving lives.  Member McDonald stated most of the administrative salary increases were not justifiable.

Member Rust stated he was inclined to approve all increases except the two positions that included over a 100% increase.  Member McDonald recommended a pay structure increase of 4% per year.  Mr. Luis stated this plan offered no incentive.  The Finance Director stated the budget included the existing pay level and a sum amount for the pay increases and benefits.  He also stated he did not agree with the statement made that we were not adding additional fire fighters and EMT’s.  He stated the Board committed to add 8 more fire fighters based on the sales tax which would make the staffing 10 per shift.  Chairperson Murray stated she understood at the budget meeting that the levels of staffing for the fire fighters would be increased by 3 people with or without the sales tax.  She asked the Finance Director if the sales tax did not pass, could the Town fund 8 additional fire fighters.  The Finance Director answered no.  Chairperson Murray stated she wanted a guarantee of 3 employees.  The Town Manager stated 3 employees were not guaranteed and added the discussion was about 2 employees.  He stated the fire fighters are paid a state average wage and this was the goal for administration and buildings and grounds.  The Finance Director recommended hiring the 2 employees for Fire and Rescue from the sales tax and if the sales tax was not passed the entire process would require another plan and cautioned over projection of the current revenue stream.

Chairperson Murray suggested offering a base pay increase of 15% and funding a merit increase of 6% which then allows the department head to give the merit to those who deserve special recognition.  Mr. Luis stated the employees were performing the job as described yet not getting paid according to the job description.  Chairperson Murray stated her job was to be prudent.  Mr. Luis stated the department staffing count was 11 employees and that was the same amount as 1999 with a far greater work load.  

The Finance Director suggested taking two increases, six months apart, to reach the goal.  Chairperson Murray reviewed the merit increase advantages.   The Town Manager stated we were not looking at individual performances and the increases needed to be funded to a reasonable level sometime in the near future.  Mr. Luis stated the Fire and Rescue had union representation to gain equal pay and what was occurring was a double standard.  The Town Manager suggested offering 50% of the raise (to average) this year and 50% next year.  Member McDonald stated he

Special Town Board Meeting
April 7, 2007

would not be able to justify this action to citizens in Pahrump who are living on $12.08 per hour.  

Member Rust motioned to accept the pay increases as stated except the two positions that were more than 100%.  There was no second.

Member McDonald motioned that all employees in administration and buildings and grounds would be eligible for 15% or the recommended hourly rate as proposed; which ever is less.  The Town will continue to fund merit at 4% and pay bonuses, in addition to all other pay, associated with certifications that are a benefit to the town.  The certification bonus plan would be established by the Town Manager and presented to the Town Board at a later date.   He added those employees who did not reach the recommended rate of pay would be granted an additional 15% plus COLA etc. in fiscal year 09 and the Town will continue this process until the recommended rate of pay is reached.

Member Sprouse seconded.

Bane Sheppard stated he found it bizarre that the Town Board would vote in this manner and thanked the Board for their time.

Chairperson Murray stated that she disagreed with the fact that employees were being moved into new job titles that they currently did not hold.  She stated before this was implemented she would require the job descriptions.  The Town Board agreed the pay increases would be effective with the new fiscal year budget.

Motion carried 3/1 (Member Rust opposed, Member Shupp absent).


    Chairperson Murray adjourned the meeting at 3:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

    Don Rust
    Town Clerk    

Special Town Board Meeting
April 7, 2007

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